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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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<3 comics

This is Snacks. He lives on my shirt now! Find his friends, and more cute little beasties besides, at Stitchmind.

Snacks looks the way I more or less have felt for the past week. But now that I'm not sneezing up my insides (as often), I feel better.

Belatedly, I have to say that APE was a blast. This was (if my memory serves me correctly) the first one I'd ever been to, and it was a lovely black-swaddled, multi-color haired, geeky japantastic sciencefictional techno punkrock happyland where everyone was hanging out and gabbing comics. It made me miss the Pow! bar on Sixth, which I was sorry to see go. Comic book fans should be lured into confluence more often. All of my friends who would have been interested in going were either out of town, at work, or just nowhere to be found that weekend; I was relieved, then, that fuseji and his erstwhile crew were on hand to jabber with. Well-read and boisterous lads and lasses all, though sometimes given to strange accents when inebriated (a curse which afflicts more than a few people I know).

A few of my favorite picks (Unlinked; for I shall not deprive you of your dalliance with Google. And I am lazy.)

Sharknife, by Corey Lewis. Oni Press. "This guy right here is seriously important. He's been with us since we opened... and somehow, he is TOTALLY MAGICAL."
For me to try and summarize the plot of this little piece of pop magic would be a disservice. Hyperkinetic kung-fu brawls, fast food, superheroes, and baddies with power meters. The layout is frenetic but fun, and when the art dissolves into incomprehensibility on occasion, it resolves itself into something charming at the very next opportunity. The prose vibrates at a slightly different pitch; wacky, yet given to moments of beatifully weird juxtaposition. "A burn has begun on the wick connected to his bomb-heart."

Video Girl Ai, Masakazu Katsura. Animerica Extra. "Where are you staring, Mr. Death's Door...?"
The OVA for this manga was one of the first fansubs I ever watched, and as such it's got some sentimental value for me. The basic premise - boy watches video tape which mystically spawns a cute girl to help him sort out his love life - could easily be dismissed as something sort of fluffy, Ah My Goddess style. But the farther you read, you realize that they aren't going to back down into slapstick here. The romantic tangle grows from a triangle to a quadrangle, to something even more ridiculously complicated - but the situations are taken seriously. When the characters get hurt, they get HURT, and it's not always easily or simply resolved. There's a level of sincerity here that can catch hold of you, if you even halfway empathize with the characters in the mix. The scene with Yota crawling up a glass staircase that is splintering and shredding him with each step, towards a love that may not even be there -- you may consider it an overwrought metaphor, but it's the type of extremist metaphor that I tend to take to heart. Add the occasional fantasy touch, and you've got something truly unique; and lest I forget to mention, Katsura's art is just outright lovely.

Dead End, Shohei Manabe. Tokyo Pop. "I never knew the dawn could be so beautiful."
I don't want to say anything about the plot of this one, because the surprise is half the fun. Girls falling from the sky, a lobotomized killer, handless ex-yakuza thugs, prizefighters with pet parakeets... the farther you go, the more interesting it gets. The art -- sort of Paul Pope meets Katsuhiro Otomo? I hate making comparisons like that, best you see it yourself, but the beautifully bleak cityscapes and atypical-looking characters make this an excellent read.

Sky Ape: All the Heroes, Amara, McCarney, Russo, Jenkins. AiT/PlanetLar.
All you need to know about Sky Ape, is that the following quotes occur in it.
"Rise, Liberal Arts Robot! Rise!"
"Senorita tough Guy and Reginald's Bees vs. The Swimsuit Bastards and Dmitri, the Alcoholic Cosmonaut!"
"Shiiyyeat, Yorrick! Where be yo jibes now, muthafucka?"

400 Words, Issue 1: Autobiographies, edited by Katherine Sharpe. Microcosm Publishing.
A collection of autobiographies, of many people, in 400 words or less, in their own words. A page turner, and no less than thought provoking, this is one of those projects that I love to find floating out there, in Sharpe's own words, "at the seams of sociology and lit." Here, just read a few of them, and you'll see what I mean.

Okay, that's enough for now. Good night, computer. My spine is telescoping. I shall bombard your brains more anon.

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I'm always fired.


You should know that a video clip of The Isotope's WonderCon Dance Party has been made available. And thanks for showin' a brother a good time! At some point I'll have to come down there for a non-comic-related adventure.

Glad you dug the Sharknife, too!

fuseji: the pivot-posing red-hot hero of justice!

Thanks for the link to that video clip! It was well-made! It is good to see my camera-evasion skills remain in full effect, even when I am slightly inebriated. ^_^

And now... I have to go watch that White Surf Style 5 video again. Just... staggering!

Re: Black Dragon...this is for YOU

I... I was not expecting that.

My brain hurts.

Strongbad should have read the script, though.

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