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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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dark epiphany

The ubiquitous "IM Moment"

(11:16:40) virushate: it's funny and scary, all at the same time... http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c116/ReneSantiago1977/costume_thundercats.jpg
(11:16:56) Pyre_Rat: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA sonuvabitch!!!
(11:17:00) virushate: lol
(11:17:01) virushate: LOL
(11:17:19) Pyre_Rat: my eyes... ::sheds a tear::
(11:19:29) virushate: [11:17] Story of Jesse: Mahler we're friends right?
[11:17] virushate: LOL
[11:17] virushate: sorry man, i couldn't help myself
[11:17] Story of Jesse: I thought we were pals but it seems like you have no respect for me sometimes.
(11:19:48) Pyre_Rat: LMAO!!
(11:20:53) Pyre_Rat: Next time we hang out, you are buying the first round/sixpack/whatever. Karma demands it.
(11:21:02) virushate: you got it
(11:21:04) virushate: :D
(11:23:16) Pyre_Rat: One day, psionicists will discover how to take all the braincells occupied by the costumed Lion-o's and Peter Pans of the internets, take them and turn them into a deadly, projected weapon. On that day, mankind will devolve into something less than, and the internet will rise Lovecraftian from the depths, victorious over us all. You are that beast's herald.
(11:24:19) virushate: please tell me that you're writing this down somewhere else and keeping it for future posterity
(11:24:43) Pyre_Rat: ::bows:: Duly recorded.