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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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I find myself mildly obsessed with last.fm lately.

(This is what's been on my WinAmp most frequently)

If you are inclined to web-toys, you should go check it out. It's quite handy for letting the world see your music, and vice-versa, and will even stream you samples of many bands on request. I don't think you have to download the app itself, if you just want to monkey around on the site. But I find that I like comparing and contrasting what I listen to with what other people are listening to. It is also not overrun with ghastly loud nonsense everywhere like Myspace; generally music only happens when you click something.

Observing my listening habits of the week, it seems like my ultimate band would be gothic-folk-punk-electronica with a groovy beat. That is, if your inclination were to throw a lot of talented artists into a trash compactor instead of just, you know, listening to a lot of different music.

What have you been listening to lately, anyway?

PS - In case you wondered, "Stemage" is Metroid Metal

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  • Funny you should mention Garbage. I was listening to Version 2.0 this week and thinking how much I missed Shirley Manson.

    You'll note I say that like the band's dead, and let's face it: after "The World Is Not Enough"...they kinda were.

  • My friend obsessed with rock covers of game music got me into Stemage. I don't even like Metroid, but thinking of it means that now I'll be humming Brinstar for hours.

  • This post makes me think you would really like Phonogram, seeing as how you've stated your like of Kieron Gillen's review work and you kind of resemble the protagonist (if you wore glasses).

  • To answer your question, until the time my machine went belly-up I was listening to M83's Teen Angst (AKA the song from the trailer for A Scanner Darkly*) and The Pipettes.

  • *which was fucking excellent

So yeah.

No more drinking while using LJ, fuseji.

Synchronous thoughtwave

Aww! While I agree that "The World Is Not Enough" was, um, not enough (and then some!), I like a lot of the tracks off of "beautifulgarbage" and "Bleed Like Me." 2.0 was their most cohesive album to date, though.

Phonogram is sitting here on my desk, waiting for me to check it out... kingsnake actually handed his copy to me less than an hour before you made this post. It feels like the sort of book that I'd like a shot of decent whisky with, though, so I am sort of postponing it, for enhanced savoring.

I am SUCH a nerd.

Also, actually I do wear glasses, and in fact am wearing them now! I just don't usually wear them when I am romping around the city, because hey man, if a space monkey pirate ninja battle breaks out and these glasses take a hit, dude, major bummer. I'm hella blind without optic enhancement.

That's twice I've used versions of the word "enhance." Man. Must be from all the robot-spam that keeps sneaking through the livejournal redirect filter.

M83 and the Pipettes are now on my radar. Hah, is Scanner still in theatres? Man, I wanna see it again already.

http://www.aibq.com/catalog.php - for whenever you have a working computer again. Because everyone should have the opportunity to check out "Korak, son of Tarzan," or "The Forever People."

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