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Escape plans for when you've just asked someone for a picture of your ex, and you only belatedly realize how incredibly pathetic that makes you sound, and that no matter how hardcore, stoic, and ice cold you are from now on that you will never, ever, ever be able to live this one down, and that you will now be a "pathetic ex" story told in tiny rooms and over candlelit dinners across the world from now until the ass-end of infinity, and you lack a backyard big enough to bury yourself in without the authorities noticing eventually, the nosy swine:

Renounce the world with the Buddhist Punks of Platina, California! </br>
Learn to be a Ranger, like Strider, and come to terms with your lonely path in the depths of the Forest. </br>
Learn to be a ninja, and let the silence of your blade mimic the silence of your heart. </br>
Hide behind your computer as Maddox mocks tiny children. Anger heals.

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Maddox makes me laugh.

And as people keep reminding me, I need to laugh.

But what can I say? The people that inspire me tend to be ANGRY PEOPLE.

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