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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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An employee who serves in a wide range of capacities

Been a busy weekend; I needn't bore you with the details. But part of it was receiving my very first (tiny) check from Wizard Entertainment for writing a short gaming blurb for InQuest #137. I have made it to the world of print, even if only in a very tiny and barely-creative way.

Ain't much, but it calls for a glass of Remy Martin, and a quiet victory cheer.

Also I just caught Factotum. If you're a Bukowski fan at all, you should probably go check it out. You should also go check it out if you're a drunk, a worker of crap jobs, a thinker, a writer, frustrated, or just have too many rough edges to fit in the spots where people normally expect you to fit. It had its weaknesses as a film, but you don't need my pedestrian critique, just that I enjoyed the hell out of it, yet would only recommend it to specific people.

I have a couple of reviews to finish, but for now I am going to go continue drinking, and watching Ichi the Killer. I hope you're having a weekend. I leave you now with the infinite charm of Kirk Cameron and his mysterious mustached companion as they PROVE to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is fixing to kick your ass, unless you subscribe to the Way of the Master.


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A decent beginning, but we must purge the gamer filth!

Father Ramos will show us the way!


You must view his excellent Chick-themed tract!

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