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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Friday Brain Hate



To 20 Japanese Commercials


From the "Please Gods let this be an Internet Hoax" file.

Now that the damage is done, distractions for you:

TORIBASH: Strategic Turn-based... Fighting?
From the makers of Porrasturvat Stair Dismount



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Intermission( Did not like my mozilla version. Youtube plays for me about half the time. Small price for no pop ups.)

20 Japanese Commercials (I don't have the fighting spirit to watch them. Too weak, sorry.)

Internet Hoax We Hope (Disgust? This guy needs to die. If it's for real, I know a few PETA types who would black bag this guy to the eco freak version of guantanamo. Please be fake...please...)

Toribash (If only it was that easy, huh? I know so many guys whose martial arts careers ended because of poor training or muscle tears from doing capoeira sequences their bodies weren't ready for yet. Muay Thai has more of a long term damage thing going....six years of full competition and your body just...quits. In physics it looks so simple. )

Flow (....nice, but I'm waiting for SPORE! )

Intermission - is unexplainable, but you're probably better off.

20 Japanese commercials - if you did, I'd worry about you.

Internet Hoax We Hope - I don't know what's sadder, the elaborate mental fiction this guy has built to assure himself he's not doing anything wrong, or the fact that he has to go outside of his species for pity sex. Or me, for reading it.

Toribash - As an unbelievably nerdly child among nerdlings, rather than actually engage in brawls, we would often engage in verbal "virtual fights," where we were all, "No way, dude, I would totally bust your knee in, like that..." "Nah, 'cause I'd be pivoting, see, like this, and coming around with a hook like that..." "Right into my throat-chop!"

Yes, that's as retarded as it sounds. I offer you no explanation.

I haven't even messed with flOw yet, though I'm curious. I want to see spore too, but I just feel like it's inevitably going to disappoint me somehow. It just sounds too insanely interesting to also be fun; it defies entertainment logic.



Toribash is similar to Stair Dismount but different creator :P

Crap; see, this is where shoddy internet research gets you. I should have done my homework better on that, thanks for the heads-up.

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