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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Radio silence

Pardon if my email/journal response time is slow; I am busy uploading myself to a new location. Internet access will commence there sometime after the 3rd;

Happy All Hallows. I've been running, moving, lifting, driving, and generally high-frequency for days, now. So I plan to relax this evening, maybe hide behind the iron gate invisibly swathed in black, then kick it outwards to flatten any poor naive waifs foolish enough to approach my lair. Once I've got connectivity back, I'll see if I can find some pictures to post from the Halloween bash last week.

This may be the best movie ever.

Neil Gaiman takes a moment to creep out New York Times readers.

Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil hits shelves today. I wasn't on this team, but my co-workers did a solid job on it. Also keep an eye on Mad Science Alliance and Harker. Hurray for spooky games. ^_^

Me, I got Final Fantasy XII and Okami both sitting on my shelf, waiting forlornly for my attention. But I've got a lot of move-related stuff to handle, and a milestone coming up, and a certain amount of writing I intend to get accomplished. So I probably won't be able to see my way to those games until December, if I'm lucky. =( Ah, well.

Gaze upon pure madness, and despair.

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Happy All Hallows due! Hope the move is to your likeing.

Man I envy you on the games even if they are on the shelf. I really want to play Okami, been hearing great things about it. Will wait on FFXII though.

Be well~!

Okami sounds right up your alley; I've been putting it off while I try to get all assignments/moving tasks/reviews etc. out of the way, so I can really dig into it. Unfortunately, it keeps not happening!

I think you'd find a lot to like about FFXII, but I'll be a better judge of it after I've logged a few hours worth. The reviews it's getting are universally stellar (10 from Famitsu! NOBODY gets a 10 from them!). The art style and the way fights occur are similar in appearance to FFXI, though I hear the combat system is miles deep, since you're essentially "programming" the AI for your whole party. And of course it's set in Ivalice from Tactics, which has to kick ass. ^_^ But enough gush, I'll let you know more about it if I ever get a chance to crack it open.

I really like the character design of the Death Jr. series, but I haven't gotten to play it yet. Must procure PSP.

I don't have a PSP either. Shh, don't tell!

I am in constant awe of the artists who did the DJ designs, who are good at drawing not only adorable dead children, but all sorts of other things besides.

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