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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Gir deactivated

It is time...

... to quit hyperventilating about all the stuff on my plate, and get a decent amount of rest, and handle my challenges one at a time.

Whew. Breathe. Balance.

Also, thanks to untoward, I have discovered Minus, a completely wonderful comic. Read a few of them to get a feel for it, before you check out this one, which is my favorite.

Eurogamer interview: Yasumi Matsuno on FFXII.

Lords of the Logistic. Things that you would not expect to see.

American Election Hacker Testifies. Pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

MC Chris live footage. For your inner (and outer) geek.

Special Dead. Zombies... at a special ed camp? I need this movie. Badly.

Omahyra and Boyd. (tipped off by the autodidactic.)

magdaleneveen: Steampunk aviatrix.

lithium_picnic: All latex lovely, all the time. Truly phenomenal fetish photo work.

Right. Sleep. Lest we forget.

Novel at: 7K. Lagging, so let's pick up the pace.

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Location, Location, Location...

If I forgot before (which I have) congrats on the new place.

Now for the selfish part of the deal: Ya'll happen to have a copy of the second and third Year of Thieves? I tried to DL it from Maeven but it sent me to a bum link. Granted I may run across it here but so far, no luck recalling where I stashed it. *sigh*

Like you're not busy enough, eh? ::grins::Later, gator.

Re: Location, Location, Location...

No sweat! Mailed some links to your Alyssa SN. Let me know if those work for ya.

*adds water back to mouth*

Omahyra and Boyd....that was....the best of the internet so far.

Lords of Logistics showed me that chinese commerce will adapt at it's own constant pace, incorporating any technology it can afford, even in the poorest quarters.

Re: *adds water back to mouth*

You know, I could really spend a lot of time angry at humanity as a whole for being piggish little trolls -- but once in a while, I find a reminder that people can also be break-your-heart-beautiful creatures. Not just in any one curve of face or figure (though holy-hell, some are quite blessed with that), but in what they are, and how they act, and how they interact.

Or, to paraphrase: Daaaaaaaaaaamn.

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