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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Spirit of Vengeance

What's cool? A back wheel blowout on the Bay Bridge.
What's cooler than cool? Navigating said blown-out car off the bridge at speed, parking, and discovering the gas tank is split open and vomiting raw gasoline all over the pavement.

And a tow truck driver who's willing to crack jokes about death by flaming holocaust, and knows his shit about Ghost Rider as well as some family stories about Nick Cage? Fucking priceless.

Repair bill: Sadly, probably not priceless. Still, not many of my evenings involve firetrucks and various Market Street tow truck adventures, so I'm willing to call it a win. Had I not worked so late and managed to fuck my car up earlier, I could have even caught a show at Slim's on the way back. Oh, well, maybe next time I'm defying death, I'll have some time to take in more of the sights.

I am SO drinking right now. And crossing one more life off the list. I might not be a cat, but my mom does always say I have a knack for landing on my feet. Cheers.

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Holy God. If I were in that situation and hadn't plunged off the bridge in a ball of fire I think the sheer fright would have killed me right then and there.

And yes, alcohol is a fair reward for surviving that mess. I wouldn't even go in to work until after Thanksgiving, myself.

fuseji knows that this post will be better than the Ghost Rider movie by default.

fuseji knows that this post will be better than the Ghost Rider movie by default.

Ouch. ^_^ But almost certainly true.

I actually wasn't frightened in a panicky way, just sort of very... high-tension. Picture if you will one or two cars with people in them pulling up alongside me all making gestures like, "Dude, you're going to die, get off the road!" Being that I was on a bridge, a bridge not known for it's magical fairy mid-air offramps, with much traffic behind me, and that I* was the one in the potentially 'splody vehicle -- if you can picture the expression on my face as I turned very slightly to nod to these people, "Yes, doomed, I know, got it, kthxbye." -- then you will have some insight as to what my mood was like. ^o^

Time to get a firesuit in the trunk...

Nice to know you still roam this world with your fleshsuit intact. ;)

As for car...whoa. At least you didn't decide to light one up 'pon getting out of the vehicle.

Hrm...crispy Hermit. Not so appealing.

Meanwhile...hey! This does give you something to write about...heh.;)

Good god! What does it take to keep you hoodlums outta trouble! Trying to blow up the bridge, where does it end?

(P.S. Glad you're alive. ^.^)

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