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Cyber-psychosis... rolling to save...

"Post lunch coma... too strong... can't overcome... sleep deprivation... blacking... out..."

... says the word balloon over my head this afternoon.

I'm beginning to completely lose my sense of time. Everyone in my immediate area has left for the day, but I know I'm gonna be here several more hours. The other lads are in the lab, so I talk to them mostly via IM and phone even though they're less than a five second walk away. I may have been here, guiding the same game character through the tiny game path in infinitely varied combinations, for only a few moments... or a few hours... or my entire life, and everything else has been a long running daydream. One day people are going to pore over this LJ as a bleak but fascinating catalog of my slow descent into total madness. :) Madness! ONE STEP BEYOND!

::does a li'l skank shuffle to revitalize dying neurons::

I spent part of yesterday giving presentations to this higher-up cat from another company. An interesting sort; I could actually observe him asking questions and gauging reactions... social engineering in tiny ways here and there, asking everyone all kinds of questions for basic information about our business situation... but also subtly probing people for reactions, asking metaquestions and getting answers. Went to lunch with him and my supervisor... it was like something out of a Gibson novel. He'd ask cryptic questions about what the "mood" of this city was like, or open ended ones like, "So, how are things, really?" He played connections well... found out he used to teach where I went to college. A dangerously smart guy... but I admit, I envy that position. I wanna be the guy who's on assignment in Tokyo, when my boss tells me to grab the next plane to California to investigate and research a video game company there... then off to New York for my next project... ::sigh::

Well. Baby-steps, lad. I went from green no-experience tester to consultant in eight months. There will be time.

Speaking of William Gibson, check out his blog here. The archives are fascinating, and the links are always to the most unbelievable hip sci-fi oddities of real life, cyberpunk flashpoints occurring right now, today. Worth checking out if you're into that kind of thing.

Ah, work.


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