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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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I love it when people suddenly see the world in a different way, and rush to tell me about it. It really gives me a buzz. I can't explain why this is, but I keep trying, word by word.

(1:47:04 PM) mistb1ade: ok, it probably shouldn't, but hearing the CEO yell at someone on the phone in Japanese excites me. I feel like all the producers will be required to don laquered wooden armor, tie on daisho and ride out onto first street in a thunder of iron-shod horses and battlecries.
(1:49:19 PM) Pyre_Rat: You know that's what's happening in his head. Oh, it has to be.
(1:52:34 PM) mistb1ade: If I fall today with arrows puncturing my heart, and my body cloven in two by some fools' nagidachi, make sure to let them know.... I ate extra salty food this morning, so every inch of my blood would spoil the land beneath them.
(1:54:40 PM) Pyre_Rat: I shall make sure to scan the skies above the battlefield from time to time, looking for either a dove or a raven passing overhead as a sign of your victory or defeat. ::adds 'look for portents' to increasingly ludicrous task list...::

(2:02:00 PM) Kyrie Elision: Had one of those moments today, when the world feels vast, and the potential of all things, limitless. Such a feeling of joy.
(2:05:05 PM) Pyre_Rat: ^_^
(2:06:20 PM) Kyrie Elision: ^.^

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huzzah madness ^_^ v

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