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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Bjork - Violently Happy

Alpha crunch straight through beta crunch = 2 months of liquid pain. Now it's over. Violently happy, out for Xmas. Have fun, kids. Beware of Krampus!

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Welcome to the DMZ, friend.

Don't cut your self on the shards of freedom.

They're SHARP!

I was running down the hall carrying the scissors of freedom the other day.

I sacrificed all my memories of last week's Rancid show to the alcohol demon, and gained little for my troubles but a weird scar on my temple and god's own 8th day hangover. I may have to limit my dallyings with the white man's poison, in favor of the occasional toast with beer and sake. My brainmeats, they are quite nearly pickled.

Of course, though ostensibly "free," I remain virtually tethered and obligated to direct traffic in the database from remote over this week.

Housewarming, you. When?

I miss the Sugarcubes.

Their messages were so much clearer. :>

Re: I miss the Sugarcubes.

Jesus Leap!

I just figured out del.icio.us!

Re: I miss the Sugarcubes.

With my music, I look not so much for a message as for an accurately-described moment.

I was experimenting with this Firefox del.icio.us plug in the other day that basically makes your browser bookmarks one-and-the-same with your del.icio.us postings. I thought this was brilliant, for all of about five minutes. Then I realized that maybe I didn't want ALL of my bookmarks public.

You know, I mean, some of them are, uh, to secure sites for work. ::cough::

Re: I miss the Sugarcubes.

File those under wrong. :)

Re: I miss the Sugarcubes.

Not precisely what you suggested, but of course I have a "wrong" tag...


Ey! I just wanted to tell you that I've founded a community about Michelle Forbes. So, if you're interested:

mfthiefofhearts ^^

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