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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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My aid comes with a price, wisher.

Via text -
Net (10:50 AM): Any chance of getting a ride from the birthday boy today? I missed the bus.
fulldamage (10:53 AM): Mkay, in a min. *yawn*
Net (10:58 AM): Sooo sorry. I unfortunately assume everyone wakes up before me.
fulldamage (11:00 AM): Zzzsnore.

In person -
Net: Well, at least it's a lovely day out.
fulldamage: Slovely. Magical. ::chugs energy drink, pulls out of driveway, clicks the Danger Doom album on the stereo...::
Net: Thank you so, so much. I just had this flashback to all the times I missed the bus as a kid and had to come running back home...
fulldamage: Not a problem.
fulldamage: It's Superbowl Sunday.
Net (bartender): (pause) Oh, fuck. It's Superbowl Sunday.
fulldamage: ::Hideous laughter, possibly fueled by last night's viewing of Amazing Stories' "Go to the Head of the Class," ensues, as the drooling Sunday crowds loom forth with their tour buses and picnic baskets, and the car speeds towards a hellish destination.::

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