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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Per reminder by the Oracle...

... let me know if any of you are hitting up WonderCon this year. I opted out of working it, but I'm probably going to attend at least one day.

Also, anyone got any recommendations for things I should check out at GDC 2007? I have to decide if I'm going or not, and I should just do my research and look over the schedule, but I am having a non-motivated moment. Have you been to a lot of GDC talks, have they been enjoyable, are they mostly hot air? I don't mind going to a lecture now and then, but I want to feel I got something out of it other than a page of notes I'm never going to use again. Email me if your commentary is of a comments-section-defying length.

Finally, this is a sort of interesting-looking collaborative fantasy writing project. I look upon these with much skepticism; what do you think? Can such projects really be a useful format for a writer to contribute to and walk away with something sale-able, or at least a good experience?

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It looks like I'm probably only going to be attending events on Friday, BUT if I can get out of the office early enough on Tuesday, I may just drop in! I don't presently know any Lindenites other than yourself -- do I need some kind of funky mojo to get in? Let me know.

It's a fascinating concept. But I am also skeptical, perhaps because the initial world didn't look as interesting as the mediums they are entertaining. In short. I like our world better. Then again, I am completely and entirely biased.

Well, it's not uncommon to see for these collaborative fantasy worlds -- they tend to look kind of watered down because the creators are trying to keep the environment open enough to allow a wide variety of story concepts to work there. That said, I do regard this solution as a bit of a design failure -- there isn't any reason why you couldn't start with a unique world with distinctive characteristics -- talented writers ought to be able to take the basic concepts of the story they want to tell, and make them work in almost any environment.

As usual, I'm just a bit afraid to step into the pool on this one; I need convincing that the return value of contributing is as great as the cost of submitting original material.

Yeah, I agree. In reading the intro page it looked a little too stereotypical rpg to me. And I concur that a specific and original world model should facsinate and draw the right kind of writer (those simply who would enjoy and excel at such a world) has its merits. Yet it does come down to the same cost/gain equation. I think it would be an interesting way to further publicity once a work is published, but I'm not sold on it being a way TO BE published.

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