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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Immortals. We put their name to the test.

This IM should serve as my critique of 300. Favorite movie of the year until something bloodier comes along (which I think will take a while).

(10:38:24 AM) Pyre_Rat: Saw 300 last night; if you can tune out the poor writing and hamhanded political themes, I've never been so delighted to see so many people dying so pretty.
(10:38:38 AM) virushate: ooooooooo.........
(10:39:10 AM) virushate: yeah, i'm sure that there are some pretty inaccurate historical accounts in that flick as well
(10:39:21 AM) virushate: but i still want to see it
(10:40:51 AM) Pyre_Rat: Oh totally, it's highly inaccurate, and they demonize the Persians pretty badly, and overuse the word "freedom" quite a bit. But so pretty. Bottomless pits and monsters and gruesome dismemberment; I enjoyed the hell out of it.
(10:41:46 AM) virushate: so, what side did they take, or what political slant did they use with the movie?
(10:42:02 AM) virushate: i'm disappointed that they would do such a thing
(10:43:58 AM) Pyre_Rat: Persians are weak-spined, overfond of diplomacy, totally Sodom and Gomorrah-ed out, and literally monstrous, while Spartans are hard, tough, unyielding motherfuckers fighting for freedom. As political commentary it's painful and clumsy, but I don't think that was the filmmaker's intent. I've heard some disturbing things out of Frank Miller, too, but the guy writes pulp comic books full of blood and "dames," so you can't take that too seriously.
(10:44:35 AM) Pyre_Rat: As a plain myth, regarding only the elements of the outnumbered fighting valiantly, it works fine.
(10:44:44 AM) virushate: ouch
(10:45:23 AM) Pyre_Rat: And I've heard people call it homophobic, but with the number of naked boys ass-slapping each other through the whole film, I don't really buy that.
(10:45:30 AM) virushate: lol
(10:45:31 AM) virushate: LOL
(10:45:52 AM) virushate: there was a sf weekly where some guy did a piece on it... totally making it out to be a homoerotic flick
(10:46:11 AM) virushate: all those half naked guys, guys wearing makeup, etc
(10:47:21 AM) Pyre_Rat: There's a couple moments where I'm 90% sure a couple of the soldiers were really being presented as gay! Though the majority of the Spartans are, in pulp-style, hard-fighting testosterone monsters that tax that female ass. So you know, you get out of it what you take into it.
(10:47:34 AM) virushate: haha!
(10:47:36 AM) Pyre_Rat: Visually stunning, though. The fights are gorgeous.
(10:47:44 AM) virushate: man.... i'm so torn now
(10:48:05 AM) virushate: i hate it when movies are inaccurate (which is 90% of the time)
(10:48:15 AM) virushate: but want to see it regardless
(10:48:24 AM) virushate: i'll try to go this weekend or next week
(10:49:07 AM) Pyre_Rat: I think it's worth it to see on the big screen. Pretend you don't know history, and you'll do better. The historical innaccuracies do kind of suck in some places, but in others they take the opportunity to make it fantastical and strange, practically Stargate.
(10:49:27 AM) virushate: "Pretend you don't know history..." LOL
(10:49:31 AM) virushate: you kill me
(10:49:36 AM) Pyre_Rat: ^_^
(10:49:44 AM) virushate: thnx for the heads up :)
(10:49:58 AM) Pyre_Rat: You will throw up the horns at least once during the film, I guarantee.
(10:50:03 AM) virushate: :D