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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Yosh... ikuzo!!

"Here's the deal," he says at 5:30. "We don't leave tonight until you finish a playthrough on the new build. Ready? Get crackin'."

No pressure!


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I know i stumbled on this late but...


Whew. I survived after all. Doomo arigato, Yoru san! And belated happy b-day, by the way. I actually was at the Metreon that day, too! But I steered myself away from the dangerous stores, for once, and went out by the MLK memorial on the grass and had what the humans call a "Frappucino," and finished a book instead. I spend too much time inside as it is.

::Sitting on a rock, sword across his back, the tired and battered ronin surveys the fallen of the battlefield, remnants of the opposition that stood between him and a full playthrough. Electronic ghosts.::

(q) "Four and a half hours."

::Anime smirk.::

(q) Hnn.

::Roll credits!::

Thanks for the bur-day wishes. You are a strong man to resist the stores there.

Kewl! Between movies i was able to watch the sunbathing masses outside. Not to mention a group of people with seriously long pieces of colored cloth getting ready for some sort of show, but i couldnt stick around and see what was going on. [heh]

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