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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Gir deactivated

Sam Raimi, why?

I kept my expectations low. I thought that would shield me from the worst.


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(Deleted comment)
I had to inoculate, so I went to go see Hot Fuzz the next day; I feel better now. Cleansed.

But it still burns a little bit whenever I [edited for content].

I am a guy who did not cry at the V movie, so the way films are inevitably messed up from comic versions doesn't mess with me, but my fanboy allies have been rising in a crescendo of agony over SM III.

I think I'll check it in 3 weeks, after the hubbub has died down. I think I just accept conversion failure as inevitable. Go see Children of Men, and wash that taste out your mouth for good. *if you haven't seen it already.*

See, I really thought Spidey 2 was quite good -- not even just "decent for a comic book movie," but really an enjoyable film on its' own merits. So this one was like reaching into a cookie jar and pulling out a handful of, well, spiders. There are an isolated few moments where the acting is actually pretty good, but they only serve to make the tepid horror of the rest of the film that much starker. By the time you get to the musical number... sigh... you realize all hope has fled.

Children of Men, I haven't seen yet. I'll look it up.

There are many ways

to be pwned by Sam Raimi. That way leaves ya loose. Good thing I'm not excited for SM tres at all, so it really can't dissapoint me. For taste washing, you still have some of that habanero tequila left \m/^_^\m/


Re: There are many ways

You say there's no way it can disappoint you.

I was like you, once.

May the burning fire of Azteca consume my soul, leaving something new and clean in its' place...

But no. I shall reserve the holy fire for a time when it is sorely needed. Pain is a great teacher.

-- I was watching it at home with my bro --

I was disgusted, but I found salvation. No matter who was taking a beating, I would cheer things like "Yeah kick his ass!*pause*I SAID KICK HIM!*anger fist*". It was my way of vicariously punishing all of Sam Raimi's imperfect children.

It did stink of someone getting lazy and slapping together badly written and edited scenes. No wonder they needed all the hype and promotion.

Hi. I've been asked by Tam (teadee) if you had any copies of technical files (she is pretty sure that the correct term is "tgs files" but she can't quite remember) for PS2/3, Xbox/360, or any of Nintendo's products. She has an interview with Sega on Thursday and wanted to brush up on the technicals.

She should be emailing you sometime in the next day or so...

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