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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Bloggers love Brooktown. Sort of.

Strictly average reviews; but these little gems bring a weak gasp of satisfaction to my withered old heart.

“There are convos with gals in the game where no matter what you say...you lose. Woot! Just like real life! That's spot on AI, baby!”

“I just wasted six hours of my life playing my AC Slater character in Brooktown High and I just found out that my prom date is a lesbian. What the fuck?”

“Konami's recent release of "Brooktown High" is a light-hearted dating "sim" game that is a good example of a fun, pick up and play game that is perfect for summer.”

“Now with the press of a button I magically arrived at school where this goth chick Elektra gave me her number and told me I can do whatever I want with it. Ho better not complain when that shit ends up written on the bathroom wall.”

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Where's mah copy?

Young adventurer, your copy is in You! You've had it all along.

"Are you interested in Brooktown High?"

"Yes. I'm friends with some of the designers, and..."

"You mean *edited*."

"No, not him, though he's a nice boy, I meant *edited*."

"I didn't know you knew someone else on the design team. (begins to mention some inter-team turf fighting.)"

"I don't want to get into all that shit, the project is over now, success! My turn to play it. Now what do you call the small handheld device that is not a PC you play this game on?"

Re: So a friend asks me

I am, surprisingly, growing more attached to my PSP. Puzzle Quest is bomb, and Crush is a hell of a concept.

And I have to love an ad campaign that encourages a culling of the credulous.

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