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"Computer, do I make any sense? Honestly?"

More accurate than any five minute online quiz has a right to be

Try it yourself.

Mind you, I don't put much stock in this kinda crap; I take online quizzes because they're amusing. (And I take online PERSONALITY quizzes to punish myself for the many, many evils I must have committed in past lives). The fun part about them isn't really the quizzes themselves, so much as it is comparing them with other people's results.

But as silly as they are, I take pains to answer them all as honestly as possible? Why? Masochism, probably. And the desire to get a real feel for what these little online databases (little proto-artificial-intelligences, really) will do when I give them a set of factors that echoes me. Maybe I just like finding out what the robots think.

"A Scanner Darkly" by Phillip K. Dick. Hurrah for roommates with good books to trade!

Oh, and by the way, the shadowy Myke finally has an LJ. Hi, arvakr. Get some sleep!

Yipe; extraction mission. We have an agent stuck in the city. Drop communications, and warm up the Skimmer. Prepare to hit the Bay Bridge interface in five... four... three... two...

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I will not try that bastard of a whore quiz that you linked me to! For that I shall give you the wrate of the kitty!

::gasp:: It purrs!!! ::absurdly thrilled::

Hello, artificial computer-generated kitty. Will you be my friend?

Basically it tells me exactly what I already knew...I am a fantastic person with unrealistic expectations from over 90% of the male population in terms of relationships and sex.

Go fig.

So you only have to fend off 10% of the ENTIRE MALE POPULATION? Boo-hoo. ;P Count them blessings, why don'tcha?

Mine seems to be attempting to tell me that the great majority of women don't really care one way or the other about all my intense moody bullshit, but that about half of them would do me anyway because I'm so mysterious.
Kind of "Yay!", kind of "Aww."

Yeah...fend off the ten percent of the male population who is seeking me out because they need a living doormat...thanks.;P

But I shouldn't complain. I'm married and love is a choice like any other. Some just have to work harder at keeping it going than others.::le sigh::Wow, and I use to be such a romantic. Heck, still AM...but only on paper.;)

First I must say that my hands are dusty from crawling around underneath my desk looking for the flaming match head I flicked into the crevice between my desk and my wall.

I actually posted to say something but now I've decided it's for Ken's ears only. Sorry suckers.

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