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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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words keep surfacing

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Now if only I knew where my surface was.

The cartilage between my ribs keeps popping noisily. This I can attribute either to my pneumoniac post-cold coughing, the fact that crunch has kept me away from the gym for weeks (I haven’t seen the inside of my house before 10 PM in ages; 2 AM is probably my record for the week), or possibly my heart is actually a living vacuum, as has been suggested at times.

Some time my brain offlines right when I’m in the middle of something, and I don’t really notice this has happened until I’m reaching for a scrap of paper or an empty window to write in. I need to dissect the metacreatures before they evolve into something uglier, so in lieu of presenting them to you, here are safer, more domesticated words.

(4:02:23 PM) subworx: Note to self: Engineer coming up with profane alternate titles for the game = expected behavior.
Engineer coming up with profane alternate titles for the game that bear absolutely no thematic relation to the game, but are simply strings of increasingly long rhyming profanity = danger sign.

(4:03:32 PM) mistb1ade: Herefore to known as “The Ken Barnes right to rock the rhyme, when and if on company time”
(4:04:11 PM) mistb1ade: He has clearly defied this rule.
(4:04:27 PM) mistb1ade: Send him to the phantom zone!
(4:04:37 PM) subworx: But in such a dada-ist way that I can’t figure out an appropriate admonishment.
(4:05:13 PM) subworx: The phantom zone is reserved for those who have actually bothered me. It’s getting full.
(4:05:14 PM) mistb1ade: learn how to make Origami lizards and leave dozens on his desk?
(4:05:31 PM) subworx: Hmm. Frogs I can do. Lizards I’d have to learn.
(4:08:17 PM) subworx: Also, “Up to My Nuts in Guts” is not an appropriate subtitle for… anything.
(4:08:52 PM) mistb1ade:
(4:08:53 PM) mistb1ade:
(4:09:03 PM) subworx: That was exactly what I messaged him back.
(4:09:09 PM) subworx: The only response was manic laughter.
(4:09:16 PM) mistb1ade: there is a UK studio out there that would use it, I want to say for some reason
(4:09:29 PM) subworx: Hellgate expansion!
(4:09:59 PM) subworx: But the rhyming seems better suited to a Sims title. Well, discounting the actual content.
(4:26:40 PM) mistb1ade: In other news, there was actually a DC comic storyline in Supergirl in which “Pink Kryptonite” was introduced, having not other efect than to turn heterosexual kryptonians into homosexual kryptonians.
(4:26:48 PM) mistb1ade: There is *no* good reason that I know this.
(4:43:25 PM) subworx: !
(4:43:28 PM) subworx: ?
(4:43:29 PM) subworx: !
(4:43:39 PM) subworx: I must find e-copies of this.
(4:50:31 PM) mistb1ade: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kryptonite
(4:50:39 PM) mistb1ade: seriously, I have work to do. why do I look at such things?
(4:50:54 PM) mistb1ade: (because excel sheets hold your attention for so long, Phoenix)
(4:51:11 PM) mistb1ade: oh no! its paranthetical-man! my arch nemesis
(4:51:22 PM) subworx: That fucker’s always got something smart to say.
(4:51:55 PM) mistb1ade: (I guess that will counter “something dumb to say” quite nicely)
(4:51:58 PM) mistb1ade: damnit!
(4:52:50 PM) mistb1ade: see, the problem with tyler durden is that a gun was used instead of a sword. none of that instant flash cauterization nonsense
(4:54:33 PM) subworx: Yeah… would have made the ending a little more awkward, though.
(4:55:15 PM) mistb1ade: Yeah… all that sharp cinematic writing covered up by “gurgle.. gurgle…. rgrgrgrggrhhhhh”
(4:55:37 PM) subworx: (Because holding hands with a girl while smoke pours out of a hole in your throat is sexy, but if it’s blood pouring out, that’s just rude.)
(4:56:11 PM) mistb1ade: They never teach you this stuff in finishing school, I tells you.
(4:56:21 PM) subworx: Heheh. “Finishing” school.
(4:58:17 PM) subworx: Kryptonite X. Not to be confused with X-Kryptonite. Wow. Given the amount of time I spent poring over Marvel Universe’s and Who’s Who’s back in the day, it’s a wonder I’m not completely retarded.
(4:58:41 PM) mistb1ade: comics. ah.

(8:12:23 PM) subworx: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kryptonite
(8:13:07 PM) subworx: Because it includes a description of “pink kryptonite,” which apparently has the radioactive effect of making heterosexual kryptonians homosexual.
(8:13:40 PM) kolonized: ok, that’s pretty fucking funny
(8:13:49 PM) subworx: You have phoenix to thank for that one.
(8:14:11 PM) subworx: Also, make sure you never confuse Kryptonite X with X Kryptonite. They’re WAY different.
(8:15:29 PM) kolonized: i’ll keep that in mi– NO I WONT STOP IT
(8:17:13 PM) subworx: It liiiiiiiiiives in yooooouuu.
(8:17:42 PM) kolonized: does Kryptonite X make Kryptonians give up their slave names and take up Islam?
(8:18:42 PM) subworx: I… reading the description, I feel like there’s an allegory in it, but I could just be uppity colored folk.


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